I really do not like talking about myself, but I cannot stop talking about pictures. I received my first camera, a Kodak Brownie, when I was eight years old. Ever since I learned to love and respect the art of photography. I bought my first digital camera about eighteen years ago. It is so easy and convenient, I must have taken thousands of pictures. Pictures of Janie our cat and my love birds. Also pictures of anything that moves or stands still, it does not matter.

I do not leave the house without two things, my cell phone and my digital camera. Never know when that award winning photo moment will present itself. (Still waiting).
So far my fans are my family and friends who have not been able to escape my camera lense.

I also dabble in photo restoration. My first project was a picture of my husband when he was a child on a pony. Does every guy have a picture on a pony?
My efforts earned me my husband's eternal love!

All this adoration and continued adulation made me think - - create a website!!! So here I am. I hope you like my pictures too!

About Me
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